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" A home away from home by the beach
Peace and serenity in the Seychelles on a budget today! "

Villa Anse La Blague, a small hotel on Praslin in the rather secluded northeast of that island, is the place that comes to mind. But don't get put off by its seclusion. Yes, it is off the beaten track, and it is small, but it's still easily accessible by an all-weather road from the airport which is only a 25-minute drive away. It's also 10 minutes by car to the ferry jetty at Baie Ste Anne. And Yes, Villa Anse La Blague is really tiny with only 3 guest bedrooms, but that's precisely the great thing about this mini cheap hotel...

The villa is designed as a hotel to accommodate a total of only 3 couples. It has king-sized beds. And two of the rooms have interconnecting doors which makes it ideal for families with kids. So if you are a family with 2 young children it may be just the right place for you. And why not bring in the grandparents too for a swell family time. Although you can book only one room there, just like in any other hotel, if that's what you wish, a family could easily rent the whole villa as it's meant for up to six people only.

It's like your own private villa in Seychelles. A home away from home by the beach! And it's quite new. It has three tastefully furnished air-conditioned bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms. It also has kitchen, large dining area and lobby plus laundry. You can enjoy all the comforts of modern living here. It comes complete with daily maid service. And on request, your dinner or barbecue can be arranged in-house leaving you free to enjoy your holiday, as it should be. There are also many other extras you can avail yourself of.

Villa Anse La Blague is nice and cosy and it won't cost you the earth. Yes, the price is most reasonable. So, if you are on a rather tight budget in Seychelles that could well be the place for you. While there are other small hotels in Seychelles just as cheap, and some even cheaper accommodation may be found, but together with comfort and its first-class location, Villa Anse La Blague is quite a find and definitely worth checking out. It's superb and unbeatable at the price. It's a steal.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles - Anse Lazio, Praslin just 15 minutes from Villa Anse La Blague
One of the most beautiful beaches in the
world - Anse Lazio Beach, Praslin Seychelles
15 minutes from Villa Anse La Blague

As well as its small size and price with its seclusion, there's more... Are you also looking for a peaceful atmosphere in which to spend your holiday in quiet contemplation by the sea? And just a stone's throw from a beautiful beach? That is it. Yes, you've found it. It's the place to really enjoy nature, both on land and in the sea. It's a great place for snorkelling.

Why not say your "I do" at Villa Anse La Blague?

How about your wedding? Villa Anse La Blague is a good place for a quiet wedding. A place where you could take your vows. And you could also request a beach wedding. No hassle for you! They can arrange the whole affair. And it's also an ideal place for your honeymoon. It's the kind of place many dream of for that very special occasion.

Or would you prefer an expensive hotel where obnoxiously loud rap and reggae uncontrollable noise, which passes as music to some, wakes you up at the break of day? I mean this stuff blaring away in your ears at 5:45am! And that may be precisely what greets you at some much more expensive 5-star hotels located on the more popular beaches of Seychelles. That's your choice. I know that's not what you're told when you book your rooms at those expensive establishments. But it does happen. And in the latter case those unfortunate 5-star hotels can't do a thing about it either, and neither can anybody else because...

The Vallee de Mai (May Valley), an enchanting prehistoric forest and home of the double coconut just 15 minutes from Villa Anse La Blague
Vallee de Mai - the lost Garden of Eden
A UNESCO designated world heritage site
just minutes from Villa Anse La Blague

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Although it's a crying shame, remember that all Seychelles beaches are public and guaranteed by its supreme law and as such, most weekends, especially, some people go overboard to enjoy the beach - the more popular beaches - but unfortunately at the expense of others who are at the receiving end of their noise pollution... and the latter is you and me. The former bring their deafeningly loud portable stereos to the beach, and the noise starts before the sun rises. These few couldn't care less about others and what's worse... the authorities don't seem to care either.

Unfortunate to say, but noise is now a major problem in Seychelles, at some beaches. But if you choose your hotel wisely then you avoid this calamity. And this tiny seaside hotel, Villa Anse Lablague, passes the test with flying colours... You won't have to worry about noise here unless the soothing music of nature upsets you. I mean the very same sounds that greeted the first people who set foot on those islands... like the sounds of waves on the beach and the cheerful chirping of birds in the garden. :)

Low price villa, comfort, peace and serenity
on a secluded beach in Seychelles...

You'll find all that at Villa Anse La Blague. That's what awaits you at the unique mini-hotel villa which is located on the northern coast of Praslin, overlooking a beautiful beach... Note: this beach is called Grand Anse, but not to be confused with another beach by the same name on the southern side of the island just a couple of minutes from the airport. There is a world of difference between these two. And I might also add: there are several other Grand Anse beaches in Seychelles including an unforgettable one on La Digue Island and the infamous Grand Anse Beach on Mahe Island's west coast.

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And talking of beaches, the best beaches of Seychelles are just a few minutes away by car... Anse Lazio, the world famous beach with its immaculate coral-white sands and its unique turquoise-blue sea, is only 15 minute's drive away. This beach has been ranked among the top 10 of the world's best beaches while the longest and most popular beach on Praslin Island is within walking distance. In passing we must not forget one of the main attractions of Seychelles, the Vallée de Mai, one of Seychelles' two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is up in the hills, only 15 minutes away by car in another direction.

Villa Anse La Blague is well situated on the hillside very close to the beach, in a quiet location, away from the hubbub of the main and more popular beaches but still leaving those fine beaches easily accessible should you want to join the crowd for more rowdy fun! You see, the longest beach on Praslin Island, at Cote-D'Or - i.e. Anse Volbert, a most beautiful beach, is only 5 minutes away by car.

So, you'll be near enough to go enjoy that when you want to, while your villa is still far enough to remove yourself to, if it gets too much for you. And then you'll be left to enjoy the peace and serenity of your refuge - a real home away from home by the beach! And its very own, beautiful, serene beach! This sums up Villa Anse La Blague, very nicely.

Now go enjoy it. And then tell us all about your villa holiday in Seychelles on your return!

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