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" A cheap beach vacation rental on Mahe
Ideally located at Beau Vallon one minute from superb white sands
Relax and drift to sleep to the murmur of the waves on the beach
That's my kind of vacation! "

A new Seychelles beach apartment will be ready for your budget vacation very soon. It is only a minute to the Beau Vallon beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe Island. This sandy strip is the  most visited in the whole of Seychelles and it is easy to see why as soon as you set eyes on that magnificent stretch of fine white sand.

Wouldn't you like to stay right next to this beautiful beach in a relatively cheap apartment? And perhaps for less than $100USD a night for two people? Talk about Seychelles and cheap holidays. Yes it's still possible. And that's how...

The Seychelles Beach Apartment is comfortable. The suite of rooms is designed for a couple. It is a large one-bedroom apartment with one double bed. It has a separate living room and adjoining open-plan kitchen. Being self-catering this beach vacation rental comes complete with a fairly large fridge and quite decent cooking facilities...

This includes a gas stove with 4 burners and a convection oven plus pots and pans. It also has tea / coffee making facilities. You can also request a microwave in addition and a rice cooker and steamer too should you require them. This is very much like a home away from home by the beach.

The beach of Beau Vallon Seychelles from Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort very near Seychelles Beach Apartment
A day at the beach - Beau Vallon Seychelles
View from Beau Vallon Bay Beach Resort
very near Seychelles Beach Apartment

You also have all the crockery and cutlery that you may need to enjoy your home-cooked meals in comfort and in the privacy of your apartment. So you see, there is no need to pay exorbitant restaurant prices in Seychelles anymore. You can spend a lot less on your Seychelles vacation by having your meals cooked at home.

Yes, there is another way. That's the secret to cheap holidays in Seychelles... You just buy your groceries from the nearby stores and you pay the same prices that the locals pay. Then you enjoy your home-cooked meals in your own apartment...

And you have the choice of cooking yourself or for a little extra - pocket change really - you can arrange with the in-house maid for her to stay an hour extra to do your cooking sometimes, or every day if you wish, depending on your own situation and your own liking. It's like taking your home with you on your vacation. Wouldn't you like that?  smile

View of Beau Vallon Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe Island
View of Beau Vallon Beach from Coral Hotel
One of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe

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This Seychelles Beach Vacation Rental at Beau Vallon is not just ideally situated it is also very comfortable and it features all the facilities you would expect in a modern home for two, in Seychelles. And it is quite large.

So you'll never feel squeezed for space like you do in many hotel accommodation. You even have a balcony (my favourite place) from which to enjoy the night sky as you listen to the sound of waves on the beach. Yep! There are plenty of stars to see here. And you'll be staying in a clean and safe modern environment too...

Keep your eyes peeled... I will announce right here when this apartment opens its doors. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the price it is being offered for. This is a great deal if and when it is available. So you'll need to secure it by reserving early unless, of course, you like paying double or triple the price for much smaller, less comfortable and far less well-located accommodation in Seychelles.

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Hey, just in case you missed the point here, you'll be staying right next to one of the best beaches of Seychelles. And the apartment is very spacious and comfortable while the price is way below its real value. You get this deal on this vacation rental because it is the launch price which may hold good for several months. And I'm bringing it to you.  smile

Time to take advantage of this amazing offer when it is available if you were thinking of whether... to go or not to go! The Seychelles Beach Apartment is the place in 2013....

Keep watching this space for availability. Enjoy your cheap vacation rental in Seychelles! And then tell us all about your beach apartment holiday when you get back.

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