Bed and Breakfast and Guesthouses

by Sharon Lewis
(Columbus, Ohio USA)

Can you tell us about small cheap B and B accommodation in Seychelles?

I am a single woman living in the USA. I am interested in visiting Seychelles sometime in the future. I realize that a lot of couples travel to Seychelles for their honeymoon. I would like to know more about moderately priced bed & breakfast accommodations or guesthouses on the major islands of the Seychelles. I would also like to know... when is it the best time to travel to Seychelles as far as money is concerned? I realize that airfare will be the biggest expense. I prefer to stay in small guesthouses or B&B inns. I do not like big fancy luxury resort hotels.


Columbus, Ohio USA

Irene's reply:

Hey Sharon,
Thanks for your question... I want you to know that I'm presently in the process of organizing information about accommodation in Seychelles, especially for the smaller lower priced guesthouses with 3 to 10 rooms. May I suggest that you subscribe to the RSS feed for my blog, the Seychelles blog? That way, you'll be updated when new pages come up on my site. That's where you'll find the info you seek eventually. You see...

We are launching a Rooms Alert service soon. And this will be available to subscribers only. The service is free, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest news and notices on my blog. When you subscribe to the Rooms Alert, you'll get to know of the best deals in Seychelles and when they are available plus much more. Most of that info will not be known by the big tour operators and your own favourite travel agent. smile

You are right in that people come to Seychelles for their honeymoon and it's a great place for that. Also many travel here to tie the knot too. This can be a very private affair, something simple and done quite inexpensively and what's more is... your B & B can arrange the whole thing for you too. No hassle on your part. And Seychelles weddings are legal and recognized in most countries. Check with your own.

BTW, you are partly right in that airfare may be rather high to travel all the way from the USA to Seychelles, and that's the reason that very few people from that part of the world visit - It's mostly the Europeans and the nouveau-riche Asians that are visiting in larger numbers now. But there is also a trickle from your side of the Atlantic, both north and south.

But you will find that this is not the only impediment to a vacation in Seychelles... prices are relatively high within the country too. Inter-island fares may be just as high as the cost of the international leg of your journey. And even the low-cost rooms are not going to be that cheap either.

So you need to budget a bit more than you normally would on another holiday, say. To give you an idea of the prices you could expect... You'll be spending some 300USD a day minimum for your room and board in the lower-priced smaller establishments. But you could easily get the price down to half that when you have the right info and the right contacts.

We'll help you find those bargain... the big discounts in Seychelles are on the new small guesthouses which are just opening their doors. These just want to fill their rooms to cover their overheads in the low season. They usually have very low occupancy then. So maybe you can find a good hotel deal, and... Voila! Cheap vacation in Seychelles!

FYI, the more popular time of the year for travel to Seychelles happens to be December / January and the prices are as a consequence higher then, but it isn't the best time of year. Surprised? Well, this is the rainy season in these islands and so your holiday could be ruined with continuous bad weather for several days in a row. Unfortunately many make this mistake.

Check out this page - weather in Seychelles. The best time of the year to travel to Seychelles in terms of price and great weather is during the northern summer months, starting April, May June July and August. This is the dry sunny season in Seychelles. The weather is absolutely divine then.

And the three main islands of Seychelles are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and you can find cheap accommodation on all three. Stay tuned... Visit this blog often and I'll keep you informed of amazing prices on all these three islands.

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