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A guide to your best island holidays featuring
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Come to the Seychelles islands... if you'd like an amazing exotic tropical island vacation. If you like the sea, the beach, the sun, or you want an extraordinary fly-fishing or scuba diving holiday then there is no place better than these unusual islands.

As they say, "Seychelles is sun, sand, sea, nature and fun... the rest is only details."  We can vouch for that.  "How do we know?"  We live there - just 2 minutes walk to the beach. Our names are Irene and Louis.

And we're here to take you on a tour of our favourite places in these amazing islands. On this site you'll discover:

One of the best beaches
Intendance Beach, Mahe Island

  • Our 10 favourite beaches
  • The 10 best islands
  • The best fishing spots... This country has a million square miles of sea - and that's huge.
  • The dangers associated with some of the better beaches
  • The nature trails and how to hike safely to the hilltops in the granite islands.
  • The "must-see" places on Praslin Island and la Digue
  • The "must-try" restaurants on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue islands
  • Our favourite vacation villa rentals on Mahe and Praslin
  • The best way to see more of Seychelles.
  • The perfect day trip for nature lovers.
  • The best 10 dive sites... where you'll see an amazing array of life beneath the surface. We'll even recommend a friendly scuba diving instructor and guide.
  • Our favourite villas and resorts in all these islands
  • The best place for a quiet destination wedding or the perfect honeymoon.
  • Secrets to buying and investing in real estate in paradise - the easy way.
  • The little things that make Seychelles Seychelles...
  • All our favourites. And much, much more...

Seychelles Islands - sailing holiday on Fregate Island
Holiday - sailing on Fregate Island

We're building this website for our friends and their friends. You see, we get asked about our favourite islands and beaches all the time. We'll answer this question as we go along.

You'll find here hundreds of pages with pictures of islands and beaches of this beautiful little country. They come with background stories that will help you plan and enjoy your island holidays.

This site is an on-going project. So check back often. To stay current, you should click the RSS button in the left margin and subscribe to our RSS feed.

Soon we'll also be announcing the launch of the Islands Beaches weekly e-zine, which will help you save money on your next holiday.

It will feature the latest "hot" Seychelles holiday specials and more.

Seychelles beach on private island - Denis Island
Beach on a private island

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Many superlatives are used to describe these wonderful islands, and it is of course not surprising when you look around. But pictures don't do it justice. Can you see why it is often called "The Pearls of the Indian Ocean"? Now...

  • How would you like... your own private tropical island with 5-star luxury?
  • How about relaxing to the sounds of the surf as you watch 2 million birds nesting?
  • Can you imagine being lulled to sleep every night by the murmur of ocean breakers on the sands?
  • How about a romantic stroll on the beach by starlight?
  • What if you got to a beautiful white sandy beach in the middle of the day and you were the only ones there?

It sounds so unreal, doesn't it? Seychelles is renowned for its gorgeous beaches and its pristine environment - the reason we love these islands. Well it gets better...

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  • Picture a perfect, crystal-clear, azure-blue sea bathing that wonderful beach. Great snorkelling, amazing dives, incredible fly-fishing, thrilling sailing and awesome windsurfing.
  • Perfect weather! 340+ days of sunshine, never too hot, refreshing cooling sea breezes, nice and warm year round - See today's weather.
  • Did you know there are no hurricanes here? Absolutely... These exotic tropical islands lie outside the Indian Ocean cyclone belt. So they are indeed free of hurricanes. Yahoooo !!!

The superb weather year round makes it an ideal place for a second home. And a Seychelles holiday villa is an "evergreen" investment. More on that later...

On this website we'll take you to places in Seychelles you'll like so much you'll want to visit... and stay! But we'll also tell you about the dangers. We'll answer all the questions that will help you make up your own mind about this country. Is it really the heavenly holiday destination it is made out to be?

Seychelles Villa on the rocks
Holiday Villa


...And we invite you to come back here to this site and tell us of your own enchanting Seychelles travel stories when you return from your exotic island beach holiday.

Then, please answer this question: What's your favourite islands and beaches?  You can also upload and share your favourite holiday photos, here :).

To explore this site you can click the links below or the shortcuts in the left margin. For easy navigation...

Clicking on the top logo on any page brings you back to this page, the "home page". You can also search this site for any Seychelles-related issue.

Here you'll find ideas, tips, and resources to help you enjoy
your beach holiday in safety, and without breaking the bank

Come with me. Join us on a tour of Seychelles Islands Beaches.
Ready? Let's get started. Enjoy...

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Table of Contents

Seychelles Blog | What's New?
Seychelles blog keeps you up to date with the changes at Seychelles Islands Beaches; find out the latest happenings in Seychelles to plan your island holiday
Seychelles Islands Beach Holiday - An Exotic Vacation
Seychelles islands evoke dreams of island holidays of sun, sand, sea and fun. The exotic tropical islands Seychelles are like amazing pearls in mid ocean
Seychelles Travel Stories | Your Own Tale of Your Seychelles Holiday
Your Seychelles travel stories are from visitors to Seychelles. It is about the adventures of vacationers enjoying the sun, beach and having fun in paradise
Seychelles Beaches | Oh the Glorious Exotic Beaches of Seychelles
One of Seychelles beaches, Anse Source d'Argent, is among the most photographed in the world although it is not in the top 10 beaches of Seychelles
Seychelles Holidays of Sun and Fun on The Best Beaches - a Free Guide
Your exotic Seychelles holidays will benefit hugely with the right choices. Free info about the best beaches, best resorts and best holidays in Seychelles
Capital of Seychelles | Victoria Town and Seychelles Cities
The capital of Seychelles Victoria is not a city! Just a small town. The cities of Seychelles? There are no cities. The capital of Seychelles port Victoria
Facts about Seychelles - Interesting Facts and Information
15 interesting facts about Seychelles gives you a foretaste of the uniqueness of these exotic tropical islands. All about Seychelles is right here
Luxury Resorts Seychelles | 5-star Villas and Luxury Beach Hotels
The best luxury resorts Seychelles's got are on the top beaches or exclusive private islands. The best Seychelles resorts with luxury villas are right here
Private Seychelles Island Holidays | Private Islands for Rent
Private Seychelles islands come in all sizes. The coral cay, Bird Island is slightly less than 200 acres. Another Seychelles private island is 5000 acres
Seychelles Cheap Hotels | Hotel Deals - Seychelles Discount Hotels
Prices of Seychelles cheap hotels are down 60 p/c - Just the right time for Seychelles hotel deals and a cheap holiday in these exotic paradise islands
Seychelles Hotels and Resorts | Hotel Deals on Luxury Accommodations
The Seychelles hotels you choose will make or break your holiday. Use this info to choose your budget hotels, luxury resorts or cheap Seychelles beach hotel
Seychelles Luxury Hotels Directory | Resorts and 5-Star Hotels Listing
List of Seychelles luxury hotels with telephone and Fax numbers. Book direct your luxury resorts - get special prices on 5-star beach hotels in Seychelles
Seychelles Maps | Islands Hotels City and Road Maps of Seychelles
Many Seychelles maps ready to print. Maps of Seychelles hotels island by island. Maps of Mahe Island, Praslin and La Digue Islands. An atlas of Seychelles
Seychelles Villas | Holiday Deals | Exotic Seychelles Vacation Rentals
Seychelles villas come in different prices. Rental start at $70 but the best luxury villas on the top beaches of Seychelles could burn holes in your pocket
Seychelles Weather - No Hurricanes All Year | Climate in Seychelles
Seychelles weather is nice mild tropical. Most rain falls in December and January and it can get heavy but you can still enjoy 340+ days of sunshine
Fishing in Seychelles | GT Trevally and Bonefish Fly-Fishing Holidays
Discover fly-fishing in Seychelles outer islands, the GT salt-water fly-fishing capital. Bone fishing in Seychelles while wading the flats is unforgettable
Seychelles Golf Holiday Resort + 18-Hole Golf Course - 6112 yds Par 70
On your Seychelles golf holiday imagine you're in heaven teeing off with God. This Seychelles 18-hole par-70 golf course will delight even God if he plays
About Seychelles Info | Seychelles Travel Questions and Answers
About Seychelles is an FAQ page that answers all your questions that you did not know how to ask about Seychelles Islands, beaches, hotels. Ask your own Qs
Praslin Island Seychelles - Discover The Garden of Eden
Seychelles' Praslin Island has been called the Garden of Eden. This was my first holiday on Praslin. Find out why I keep going back again and again
La Digue Seychelles Island - The Best Beaches in Seychelles
La Digue Seychelles Island has 2500 inhabitants. La Digue is a charming little island with two of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles Islands
Scuba Diving Seychelles - The Positive Effects of Coral Bleaching
Scuba diving Seychelles reefs is most memorable. Sure there has been some coral bleaching but this has positively impacted the numbers of some fish species
Beach Weddings in Seychelles - How to Get Married in Seychelles
European laws recognize weddings in Seychelles and so do most countries. Two days of residency is all you'll need to get married in Seychelles legally
Bird Island in Seychelles - Our Favorite of All 155 Seychelles Islands
Bird Island is a place for an unusual holiday. Bird Island Seychelles, a 180-acre island with one single beach 5 km long, is a most charming little island
Praslin Hotels Reviews - List of Seychelles Hotels on Praslin Island
Read reviews of Praslin hotels and beach resorts near your favorite beach in Seychelles. Here is a listing of hotels and holiday rentals on Praslin Island
Eden Island - A Marina Development Near Victoria Capital of Seychelles
Eden Island is one of several islands in the Seychelles that has recently been reclaimed and raised up from the sea - a man-made island in Victoria harbour
Seychelles Accommodation - Hotels Villas and Cheap Holiday Rentals
Choose your Seychelles accommodation wisely. Did you know that the best beaches and the best hotels rarely coincide? So select a beach first, then a hotel
Seychelles House Exchange | Your Free Accommodation n Cheap Holidays
Swap your house in Seychelles. A free accommodation and home exchange service to bring together exchangers seeking a cheap house swap holiday in Seychelles
Swimming With Sharks in Seychelles | Death at Anse Lazio Beach Praslin
Many visitors come to Seychelles to experience the thrill of diving with sharks and watch them feed. Two shark incidents off the beaches of Praslin Island

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